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Spiritual light is knowledge, and it is the only knowledge truly worth having. The light of Spiritual Knowledge, termed Gnosis in the West and Jnana in the East, is summed up in a very few Great Statements that epitomize ultimate Truth. In the East, the Sages declared Tat Tvam Asi, or "That thou Art!", meaning you are Spirit. In the West, Jesus echoed this great Truth when He declared "I and My Father are One!" The underlying fact of all spiritual teaching is this Oneness as the meaning and Truth of all existence. Most importantly and transforming, is not the fact that all of Nature is a reflection of the Divine, but that the Individual soul is ever united with the Divine Being in a state of eternal Unity. Oneness is easily spoken of, but only the initiated few, who have dedicated their lives to this Path have come to the full meaning of its realization. 

In the 19th Century, the great Bengali Master and Avatar, Sri Ramakrishna, reinvigorated this teaching for the world when he declared the essence of this teaching in the phrase "God alone is Real, the world is unreal". All practice and spiritual pursuit derives from this understanding even though it may take a lifetime or lifetimes to realize it. However, if we take this as our Ideal, and constantly remind ourselves of this Truth, we will surely awaken one day into the light of this Reality. When Jesus said that we shall know the Truth and the Truth will make us free, it was this Truth that He was referring to; the Truth of who and what we are as Spirit. By deep meditation upon this declaration, that we truly are  Spirit, we will de-hypnotize ourselves from the falsehood of the world and wake up into the bliss and freedom of our true nature.

This spiritual practice of Divine recollection of our true nature, as stated in the Scriptures of the world, is the quickest way to awakening. Meditate upon this Truth as often as you can, in any and all circumstances and especially when you are confronted with the appearances of lack, limitation, doubt, fear and falsehood. Have faith in the words of the great Masters who sing the chorus of Oneness and the soul's eternal unity with the Divine. "I am That!!"