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An eternal portion of Myself, having become a living soul in the world of life, draws to itself the mind and the five senses that rest in Nature.
- Bhagavad Gita 15:7

Since Thine indelible image of perfection is in me, teach me to wipe away the superficial stains of ignorance and to know that Thou and I are, and always have been, one.
- Paramahansa Yogananda

The Divine Imprint is a simple term used to describe the soul nature that exists in each of us. We are each a Ray, a Cosmic Traveler emanated from the Divine and one with the Divine, as a drop of water is one with the ocean and contains all the qualities and essence of the ocean. This principle has been taught by all the scriptures of the world, though using various allegories and descriptions.
Each of us has a divine counterpart deep within ourselves that has never lost contact with or consciousness of who and what we really are.

The exercises and practices taught as part of the Divine Imprint process all serve to reunite us with that divine counterpart within us. This is all a process of awakening and these are the tools used to accomplish that. The truth is that this whole idea of a separate, limited, bound existence is an illusion and is not at all real, regardless of how it appears. However, until we awaken from this dream, these are only words and hopes. Now is the time to make these words and hopes meaningful and truthful. Now is the time to Awaken! If you get a thorn in your foot, you can take another thorn to remove the first one. Once that is done, you throw them both away! In the same way, we can use illusory methods to remove us from the illusion. Once we wake up into our natural state, all these efforts and actions are discarded and we can just simply BE.