Yoga of Transformation
Sunday, July 31, 2011 at 6:35PM
Light of the One

Spiritual Yoga is the science of transformation, the science of uniting the limited personal self with its divine counterpart within, the Higher Self. It is called a science because it teaches definite techniques and strategies that enable anyone to follow the path and arrive at the destination. In this sense it is exact. If you act on the instructions and are patient, you will have the experience for yourself. And this is something that no one can take away from you!

Yoga is an ancient science transmitted through many masters and enlightened schools down through the ages in India and other parts of Asia. Of course, there are many spiritual traditions in many cultures which teach comparable ways to enter into the divine consciousness and all of these can be considered a type of yoga, or pathway to union with the inner being. The spiritual path is a journey from there to here. The union with oneSelf only occurs in the here and the now. Right Now. Whatever it is that allows us to become truly still helps us to pierce the veil of time and this acts as the doorway to the inner world. When we can experience an eternity between the beats of our heart we have discovered the way in. Then we expand into our true cosmic nature.

Inside each of us is the inner Kingdom of consciousness which is free from the bonds of our obsessive identification with our body and problems and sense of personal self. It is permanent, eternal and the true ground of our being. The pathways in are many but the destination is one. One of the key messages of our current age is that each tradition or religion, and many non-traditional pathways, can lead to the great awakening as long as the seeker is sincere and follows the path with love and determination. For the sincere seeker, even if the pathway starts flawed, as many who followed false teachers have come to know, he or she will ultimately be led onto the great cosmic highway of realization and come home. All of us must. It is important for us to respect each other's chosen path as one that harmonizes well with each one's nature and inclinations. The path is not the goal and we should keep our attention on the goal. 

For those who have become world weary and who recognize that there is another way and actively seek it, yoga or sincere spiritual practice, is the way of transformation. Though there are many types of yoga and philosophies, and syntheses thereof, if one seeks to grasp the teachings diligently, they will embark upon a journey that will change them profoundly. Spiritual science uses spiritual technology to guide the consciousness inward. As one becomes familiar with the inner territory, the seeker begins to recognize the Message written everywhere. Cosmic Intelligence has placed signs everywhere, for those who have the eyes to see. The seeker begins to recognize the hidden language all around him or herself, particularly in nature, sacred geometry and the sacred scriptures of the world.

Our intent is to explore these signs together and to learn to see the Message all around us. Let us draw our attention within ourselves and become acquainted with the sacred spaces deep within us, in our heart and our spine and our brain. Our path to awakening is not only spiritual, but it is also physical. Not only will our consciousness transform but so will our bodies and even our relationships to others and to life! We will touch Life and Vitality and Health. 

Also, there is no need to change our culture or religion. Spiritual science is transcultural and can be practiced within the context of all the religions. You will find that the mystical approaches of all traditions are very similar. You will also discover that spiritual science exists just as comfortably outside of the confines of any religion. The important thing is to look deeply within and to learn the best way for you to do that in a way that resonates with your own inner yearning.


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