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Daily Meditation from Prosveta

Daily Meditation: Saturday, June 4, 2011.


"At night, as you go to sleep, deliver yourself into the Lord’s

hands, and say, ‘My God, I want to do your will. Do with me as

you wish.’ And the next day check your thoughts, feelings and

actions to see whether what you are doing really is the will of

God and not the will of your lower nature. For it is not enough

to say verbally that you give everything to God in the evening

and then to give in to all your whims the following day.

We came to the earth to participate in the work of creation.

Jesus said, ‘My Father is still working, and I also am working.’

This work with God, for God, is the final word of initiation.

Everything we give to God we raise to the level where he himself

is. Then God repeats our gesture; he reflects it like a mirror

reflecting a ray of light: we have given him everything, and he

gives us everything."


Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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