Bhakti or Devotion to the Divine
Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 9:49PM
Light of the One

The love of God, known in the East as Bhakti, is the highest fruit of spiritual practice and the fountainhead of joy and happiness in life. Bhakti is the spontaneous flowering of the awakened heart and the goal of yoga. Once the heart is awakened, its innate love faculty expands to include the whole world in spiritual passion. In each direction, upwards to God, downwards to include the Earth and all of creation, and outwards (North, South, East and West) to include all people and life forms everywhere and on every planet. This divine love is our natural state of awakened awareness and forms the basis of morality. It includes the philosophy of oneness and the interconnectedness of all things and beings. Spiritual love opens the door to eternal happiness, meaning and purpose in life. As a seeker develops on the path of bhakti yoga, her attention naturally turns inward, away from the pursuit of sensual pleasures and she becomes aware of the inner world and the joys of spiritual relatedness. One discovers the wellspring of inner joy that is impervious to all outer troubles and difficulties.

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