Reflections on change
Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 11:57AM
Light of the One

The world now craves a spiritual solution to its problems, not a political, social, or economic solution. And this, of course, has always been the case. As each one of us encounters our own inner communion with the Infinite Invisible, a transformation unfolds that will lead us to our right place and right activity. There is a spiritual environment emerging on earth that is awakening millions of receptive souls. As we experience this awakening, all of the circumstances in the outer world will change to reflect this emerging Light. There is no need to concern ourselves with social change, except to the extent that we listen to our awakening soul consciousness. We will naturally be led to behave in ways that support the collective awakening and planetary renewal. We will naturally become sensitive to the needs of our planet and act accordingly. We will naturally become sensitive to the suffering and downtrodden and act in ways to alleviate that suffering. We will naturally become sensitive to the truth that our bodies truly are temples of the Living Divine and we will treat them as such, thereby further awakening our latent soul capacities as our physical vehicle expresses more and more of our divine potential. The result of this natural unfoldment will certainly bring about social and economic change, and of a lasting nature. We will listen to the wisdom of the elders who have told of these times for centuries. When we are ruled by love, and live to express more love, spiritual and impersonal love, we will realize our solar nature and become governed by the sun, which is the planetary symbol of the new era of awakening to universal consciousness, and the ideal of true enlightenment....

Social, economic and terrestrial changes will cetainly come, and are coming. We can see this impetus all around us both currently, and for the past decade. These changes are occuring whether people are aware of the reasons for them or not. However, it is for the spiritually awake and awakening individuals, the true seekers, to respond consciously to this call for transformation. We can cooperate with the global influences and flow with them to assist us in our own awakening. Further to this, as we consciously pursue our own transformation and spiritual awakening, and follow our own traditions or create new ones, we will be flowing with the cosmic order of things and participate in the emergence of a New Heaven and a New Earth! This is the blissful path. All of our travails will be placed into a greater context which will become resolved in joy and understanding, to the extent that we are true to ourselves and our own divine imprint, our innate soul consciousness.

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