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Reflections on Time

We are at a point of transition that is being well documented in the lives of individuals personally, and societies and cultures, on a planetary basis. Many people are aware of the prophetic times in which we find ourselves and, more importantly, the Awake and the Awakening are going through personal transformations and illuminations on an unprecedented level. Many are pointing to 2012 as a transition date,  but these energies are accelerating now in anticipation of something new and beautiful that is being born in our very midst. 2012 has entered the collective consciousness but the transition period cusps many years before and after this date which falls within a much larger time frame. The apocalyptic moment has been prophesied since before the time of Christ, and is really a function of the spiritual truth that the Kingdom of God is always at hand for those who have eyes to see. Still there is a transition of the Ages taking place as we move from the Piscean to the Aquarian age and people are always trying to pinpoint a date to reflect this.

The indigenous cultures throughout the planet, particularly the Hopi and Mayan prophecies point to this time as being the time.The Mayans seem to pinpoint a date but the Hopi simply provide signs to look out for to signal the Great Cleansing. So we are born into a profoundly special and unique generation. As we awaken to the presence of the Inner Light on deeper and more palpable levels, we will realize that the New World is all around us. It is expressing through us as the Second Coming of the universal Christ Consciousness. And all of this is occurring in Time. Time is the key to our generation, as I suppose it is for every  generation. Time is purposeful and guiding. Time is conscious and awaiting our own awakening to this fact. And the secret of Time, this particular time, lies in understanding our own timeless nature as Spirit.

The truth is, that we stand above time, as we come to understand who we are in our true nature. That is why there is such a peculiar feeling in our lives that time is speeding up and flying by. We can use this sense as a type of meditation. As we contemplate the transitory nature of things, circumstances and events, we can begin to remove ourselves from the flow and become aware of ourselves as witness to all this change going on about us. If we can hold onto this witness consciousness, we will free ourselves from all the modifications of change and discover that this play is all happening in our minds. But who is observing all of this? Who is the witness of all this change? The witness never changes. We cannot know the witness, we can only be the witness.

This teaching is not unique or new. The great sage Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi taught this method of self-enquiry in the mid-twentieth century, and many teachers followed, being inspired by the Maharshi's example. I heartily suggest you learn more about this great Master and his teaching, to help you understand better the time in which we find ourselves. There is change and there is changelessness and we are both!

So there is a panoply of spiritual energies and teaching flooding the planet right now. The One Light is reflected in all of these pools, attracting countless souls to Itself. As the Vedas declare, Truth is One, sages call it by various names. But one of the most fascinating aspects of Reality, as It expresses Itself, is the secret and meaning of Time. And the fact that Time has any meaning at all.


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Reader Comments (1)

Very inspiring enjoyed the reading. Now I am ready for the day.

June 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterpatty

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