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The Sun as a Spiritual Path

 A spiritually awake person has sensitivities that are alive to the subtle energies that permeate this world. Let us realize that it is possible to commune with and be transformed by the Sun. There is a special power in Sunlight that uplifts us and brings one into closer proximity with the Divine. Sunlight is an antidote for depression and sadness; it also heals the body. Sunlight and the Sun is a spiritual path for sincere seekers. The Sunlight carries a message of spiritual renewal, light and goodness for all. And let us not forget that the Sun is the source of ALL life and nourishment. All food, and we ourselves, are nothing but condensed and transformed Sunlight.

Let's salute the Sun and welcome it into our lives. Let's choose to live in a place where it is possible for us and our families to enjoy the light and warmth of the Sun at all times.

Stand outside and absorb the healing rays of the Sun. The Sun is a radiant spiritual being recognized by the spiritual traditions of all cultures. In the West the Sun is Christ, the Logos and the Higher Self. The same is recognized in the East as the Purusha and is celebrated in the most holy mantra of all, the Gayatri. Allow your soul to be transformed into an image of the Light. Bask in the Light of the Solar Being, the Divine, radiating Himself out into the visible universe and giving Light, Life and Warmth to all worlds.

During the months between the Spring Equinox and the Autumnal Equinox one can rise each morning before Sunrise and participate in the holy awakening of Light as the Sun rises over the horizon to bless a new day. Sunrise meditations are practised throughout the world and comprise an essential aspect of Surya Yoga, or the Yoga of the Sun. As we welcome the Sun into each aspect of our lives through contemplation and meditation upon the Sun and upon Light, we will be transformed and enlightened in the truest sense of the word. We wll enter into direct and conscious communion with Christ as expressed through the Living Solar Being visible to us all as the Sun.


ADITYA HRIDAYAM PUNYAM                                                                                                                        SARV SHATRU BENA SHENAM


- The Ramayana


The face of truth is hidden by thy golden orb, O Sun. That do thou remove, in order that I who am devoted to truth may behold its glory.

O nourisher, only seer, controller of all—O illumining Sun, fountain of life for all creatures–withhold thy light, gather together thy rays. May I behold through thy grace thy most blessed form. The Being that dwells therein even that Being am I.

- Isha Upanshad Vs 15,16 (Swami Prabhavananda)


In stillness one communes with the Light of the Sun, which awakens the Light within. Commune with the Sun - absorb the Light - and at night recall the holy vibration in deep meditation.