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Now the focus is upon sharing Light with the world, to be a beacon of light, love, warmth, hope, courage and faith. The joy we seek for ourselves can best be gotten by giving the same to others. Pray for the abundance and wellbeing of those around you. "See" your family members and associates prospering. Work for the best in the lives of your friends and business associates and most of all, pray for your enemies! See the Light of God filling, healing and transforming the lives of the downfallen, the angry, the destitute, the politicians, the healers, everyone! Remember to pray for others before you pray for yourself for we are prospered by prospering others.

The Principle here is to become a channel of Light and divine blessings to the world. There is nothing so important as to be useful to the Divine and to help bring about the Divine Plan on Earth. All good things will come to us as we allow the very same things to flow through us to others. Stand on the Truth that all of us are members of one family and deeply connected to each other.

Fill your mind and world with Light. Work deeply and profoundly with the Light each day in the morning and evening. As we plant seeds of hope, expectation of the best, prosperity, love and spiritual abundance the same will be produced in our lives. If we do the opposite, we will then reap those results. We can draw inspiration from the ever-present Spirit of God within ourselves, in our heart. The Light is tangible and real and will become moreso in our own lives as we continue to work with these principles and dwell upon the Light at all times.