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                        Greetings and Welcome!


Welcome to Light of the One. We are dedicated to spiritual community and fellowship, and devoted to facilitating transformation and change for the Awakened and the Awakening. Our purpose is to hold a vibration of Silence and Light which will attract all people to share in the joy, power, light, love and healing of the Spirit. Our purpose is also to express and share in the inexpressible Joy of God-realization. As we become ever more aware of our Divine nature, the results of that awareness will spread like a ripple effect into the world and have immediate tangible results in our own lives, our family lives and for the world at large.

The Light of the One is the one and only Divine Being appearing as each human individual and all form and manifestation, and is experienced inwardly as Cosmic Love. When we become aware of that Light within ourselves we relax into our natural state of spiritual awareness, our heart opens and Love overflows. It is possible to awaken into this natural state in the midst of the daily din of activity, and in spite of the World, which conspires to keep us ignorant of our own true nature. In truth there is no we, only One Being which each of us already knows as I AM. Spiritual Practice reveals the true meaning of I AM which results in Awakening.

Our further purpose is to Heal on many levels. Lost vision must be made whole again so that we can see aright. Sleepwalking through dreams and nightmares of sickness, lack, loneliness and despair, we are here to help the sleepers awaken and through awakening, to heal. As all of life is one, we are all profoundly connected, not only with each other but with all of life everywhere. The recognition of this spiritual fact will put us back into harmony with the Only One there is. Even dreams of enjoyment and happiness, fleeting as they are in this world of duality, can be transcended so the soul arrives at the condition of peace and unspeakable Joy. When we begin to remove the obstacles in our lives and the veils from our eyes, we begin to perceive things as they really ARE - Divine and full of the magnificent Spirit!

It is our prayer that we can share the touch of the Spirit and moving inner experiences which will enhance our experience of worship, prayer, meditation and healing. Ours is a spiritual ministry dedicated to service, love, healing and spiritual idealism. We accept that all paths can lead to the Divine if that path is tread sincerely. Our greatest happiness in this world is to experience spiritual fellowship with other sincere seekers and finders.

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