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I now receive God's infinite riches from the storehouse of my superconscious mind

My conscious mind receives infinite Light, wisdom and guidance

My subconscious mind is filled with Light, confidence, power, optimism and peace

My body is filled with Divine Light, Life and vitality. Each cell, organ and body system vibrates with the Divine Presence

My whole world overflows with abundance and access to unlimited resources. I have overcome all obstacles and it is wonderful

I am a fully integrated servant of the Most High



Servant's Prayer

Open the door for me to serve, to share, to shine

I am here for that - I am your servant Lord

All that I have, want, or ever will have, I gladly offer back to Thee

Use me, flow through me - dissolve me into Thyself

Om Om Om Shanti Om



Divine Presence and Protection

Divine Lord, Thou art always with me

Remove Thou the veil of ignorance that blinds me

That I may be ever aware of Thy presence within me and around me

Protecting me, enlightening me and guiding my footsteps

As I surrender myself and all my life unto Thee,

Thou dost go before me to make the crooked places straight for Thou art a lamp unto my life


* * * * * * *


If I want to give, I give. If I want to serve, I serve.

I am ever free to share the infinite bounty within me. I am not, and never was, bound by the conventions of this world or by mundane consciousness.

I take the time to cultivate the the Mind of Light and to shine like a beacon that Light into the world of darkness. I Am the Divine Presence filling all the worlds with My brilliance