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Reflections on change

The world now craves a spiritual solution to its problems, not a political, social, or economic solution. And this, of course, has always been the case. As each one of us encounters our own inner communion with the Infinite Invisible, a transformation unfolds that will lead us to our right place and right activity. There is a spiritual environment emerging on earth that is awakening millions of receptive souls. As we experience this awakening, all of the circumstances in the outer world will change to reflect this emerging Light. There is no need to concern ourselves with social change, except to the extent that we listen to our awakening soul consciousness. We will naturally be led to behave in ways that support the collective awakening and planetary renewal. We will naturally become sensitive to the needs of our planet and act accordingly. We will naturally become sensitive to the suffering and downtrodden and act in ways to alleviate that suffering. We will naturally become sensitive to the truth that our bodies truly are temples of the Living Divine and we will treat them as such, thereby further awakening our latent soul capacities as our physical vehicle expresses more and more of our divine potential. The result of this natural unfoldment will certainly bring about social and economic change, and of a lasting nature. We will listen to the wisdom of the elders who have told of these times for centuries. When we are ruled by love, and live to express more love, spiritual and impersonal love, we will realize our solar nature and become governed by the sun, which is the planetary symbol of the new era of awakening to universal consciousness, and the ideal of true enlightenment....

Social, economic and terrestrial changes will cetainly come, and are coming. We can see this impetus all around us both currently, and for the past decade. These changes are occuring whether people are aware of the reasons for them or not. However, it is for the spiritually awake and awakening individuals, the true seekers, to respond consciously to this call for transformation. We can cooperate with the global influences and flow with them to assist us in our own awakening. Further to this, as we consciously pursue our own transformation and spiritual awakening, and follow our own traditions or create new ones, we will be flowing with the cosmic order of things and participate in the emergence of a New Heaven and a New Earth! This is the blissful path. All of our travails will be placed into a greater context which will become resolved in joy and understanding, to the extent that we are true to ourselves and our own divine imprint, our innate soul consciousness.


The Yoga of Light

Our endeavor is to see and experience the Light, to know the power and the presence of the Light and to have the vision of the Light. Meditation upon light is our foundational practice. We will explore many methods to experience the Light and bring it into our normal consciousness, thereby transforming our lives. In the Gospel of John, chapter 1, the Christ consciousness, the atman in vedantic terminology, is deemed to be the Light and the life of humanity. It shines in the darkness of human consciousness but our human consciousness doesn't comprehend it.

The Yoga of Light connects us to the Light within ourselves so that we can comprehend It. Light is so pervasive in our daily experience yet most of us never stop to consider that the spiritual light described by all true mystics is also the light we experience in the sun, the stars and the outer world. By meditating upon light as our spiritual ideal, we will be transformed into it. We will awaken our spiritual consciousness and will magically transform our earthbound, limited consciousness and emotions into a consciousness that has become profoundly sensitive to subtle sensations and feelings of love, joy, expansion and, at times, exaltation! Meditating upon light will lead us to self-realization and the realization of all virtues in our lives.

The Light of divine consciousness, called the Christ, is the true Light giving light to every man coming into the world. (John 1:9) The light of our own consciousness shines forth from within us and as we contemplate the source of our consciousness, and dive deeply within ourselves in search of that source, we encounter the Light of our light and recognize our own selves to be spiritual beings. We experience ourselves as the Light, which is consciousness. We recognize our own name as I AM, which is one with divine consciousness. It is both personal and impersonal, just as we, in our higher self, are free from all the limitations of our personalities, but in our normal consciousness, experience ourselves as individual beings. In our higher self, we unite with the impersonal aspect of our being.

I have provided numerous tools and exercises to work with light on the website. I will be posting more, as well, so that there will be sufficient exercises which will resonate with different people. The tools only serve the purpose of awakening one to their own inner source. The point is to bring light into every aspect of our lives in order to live an enlightened life on earth. 

It is important to realize that the Light, Itself, is consciousness and will completely transform your being, to the extent that you acknowledge It. You don't need to do anything other than work with light and allow It to change you from within. Just as people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder and become depressed during the winter months, when the sun is hidden and the days are shorter, can be treated by using sun lamps and full spectrum lighting, while indoors, to improve their mood; and they only need to be exposed to the light and their moods improve; so too, we, need only to work with the Light and our lives will improve. The only work we need to perform is to contemplate the Light and actively work with It. Light itself will do the rest. 

The Yoga of Light is a synthesis of many traditions and yogic exercises. I will be discussing these traditions and exercises in future posts and am glad to communicate with anyone should they wish to contact me. Learn to surrender to the Light and it will reveal all things to you, in time. Learn to identify with Divinity, as I AM. Discover I AM deep within, in stillness, and you will see yourself as Light and the witness of Light.


Yoga of Transformation

Spiritual Yoga is the science of transformation, the science of uniting the limited personal self with its divine counterpart within, the Higher Self. It is called a science because it teaches definite techniques and strategies that enable anyone to follow the path and arrive at the destination. In this sense it is exact. If you act on the instructions and are patient, you will have the experience for yourself. And this is something that no one can take away from you!

Yoga is an ancient science transmitted through many masters and enlightened schools down through the ages in India and other parts of Asia. Of course, there are many spiritual traditions in many cultures which teach comparable ways to enter into the divine consciousness and all of these can be considered a type of yoga, or pathway to union with the inner being. The spiritual path is a journey from there to here. The union with oneSelf only occurs in the here and the now. Right Now. Whatever it is that allows us to become truly still helps us to pierce the veil of time and this acts as the doorway to the inner world. When we can experience an eternity between the beats of our heart we have discovered the way in. Then we expand into our true cosmic nature.

Inside each of us is the inner Kingdom of consciousness which is free from the bonds of our obsessive identification with our body and problems and sense of personal self. It is permanent, eternal and the true ground of our being. The pathways in are many but the destination is one. One of the key messages of our current age is that each tradition or religion, and many non-traditional pathways, can lead to the great awakening as long as the seeker is sincere and follows the path with love and determination. For the sincere seeker, even if the pathway starts flawed, as many who followed false teachers have come to know, he or she will ultimately be led onto the great cosmic highway of realization and come home. All of us must. It is important for us to respect each other's chosen path as one that harmonizes well with each one's nature and inclinations. The path is not the goal and we should keep our attention on the goal. 

For those who have become world weary and who recognize that there is another way and actively seek it, yoga or sincere spiritual practice, is the way of transformation. Though there are many types of yoga and philosophies, and syntheses thereof, if one seeks to grasp the teachings diligently, they will embark upon a journey that will change them profoundly. Spiritual science uses spiritual technology to guide the consciousness inward. As one becomes familiar with the inner territory, the seeker begins to recognize the Message written everywhere. Cosmic Intelligence has placed signs everywhere, for those who have the eyes to see. The seeker begins to recognize the hidden language all around him or herself, particularly in nature, sacred geometry and the sacred scriptures of the world.

Our intent is to explore these signs together and to learn to see the Message all around us. Let us draw our attention within ourselves and become acquainted with the sacred spaces deep within us, in our heart and our spine and our brain. Our path to awakening is not only spiritual, but it is also physical. Not only will our consciousness transform but so will our bodies and even our relationships to others and to life! We will touch Life and Vitality and Health. 

Also, there is no need to change our culture or religion. Spiritual science is transcultural and can be practiced within the context of all the religions. You will find that the mystical approaches of all traditions are very similar. You will also discover that spiritual science exists just as comfortably outside of the confines of any religion. The important thing is to look deeply within and to learn the best way for you to do that in a way that resonates with your own inner yearning.



Bhakti or Devotion to the Divine

The love of God, known in the East as Bhakti, is the highest fruit of spiritual practice and the fountainhead of joy and happiness in life. Bhakti is the spontaneous flowering of the awakened heart and the goal of yoga. Once the heart is awakened, its innate love faculty expands to include the whole world in spiritual passion. In each direction, upwards to God, downwards to include the Earth and all of creation, and outwards (North, South, East and West) to include all people and life forms everywhere and on every planet. This divine love is our natural state of awakened awareness and forms the basis of morality. It includes the philosophy of oneness and the interconnectedness of all things and beings. Spiritual love opens the door to eternal happiness, meaning and purpose in life. As a seeker develops on the path of bhakti yoga, her attention naturally turns inward, away from the pursuit of sensual pleasures and she becomes aware of the inner world and the joys of spiritual relatedness. One discovers the wellspring of inner joy that is impervious to all outer troubles and difficulties.



The Light of the One is experienced within through deep prayer, meditation and receptivity to the cosmic flow of life. The inner Light is ever present and available, though it may take a lifetime to become attuned to It. It can also take only a moment if we learn to turn away from outer things and look sincerely within.